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About us


Simply said, we are passionate about travel. For almost 40 years we have been traveling to many countries around the globe, for both business and pleasure. Based on this experience we know that traveling should be fun, easy and practical. No hassle.
Our years of international experience learned us how easy it is to run up a thousand-dollar bill on your cellphone during a single trip. And of course the hassle of buying and topping up a new SIM with every trip that you make.
Add to that the hassle of spending hours and hours looking for the best hotels and accomodations and the things to do at the country of destination. With the fear of overpaying and not getting the quality that we were looking for.


With all of this in mind we founded TravelWiseToday. Our mission is to provide recreational travellers with unique deals that gives them peace of mind whilst saving time and money when going on adventure.
We look forward to helping you travel wise today!
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