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Getting Started





First, insert your SIM into your phone or tablet and restart it.


Once you arrive at your destination, simply switch ON your handset, and allow 5-10 minutes for the SIM card to connect to the correct profile and search for the strongest network in your area.
Once done, you should see the network provider on your handset screen.


Please note to connect only to the recommended network provider, you may require to manually search for the network provider.



Once connected on the roaming partner network in your country, you will automatically receive an SMS with your personal phone number(s) if you applicable. Next, dial 160 to retrieve your US number if you wish to use your US number as well.






To activate mobile data on your WorldSIM, you will need to setup a new 'Access Point Name (APN)' on your mobile handset. The APN you need to set up should be called 'mobiledata'.


In most cases once an APN is configured on a device for a particular profile it usually remembers the settings.


Please also make sure Data Roaming and Mobile Data or Cellular Data is enabled as this is needed to have data working. Note: Do this only when arrived on your travel destination.






It is highly important that you register your SIM  with your Customer ID / Mobile Number and PUK code as WorldSIM can only provide you with Customer Service and Technical Support if your SIM is registered. Your WorldSIM customer ID  or mobile number starts with 4474 and is on the SIM package. Your PUK code is on the back of the card where the SIM is attached to.


Click here to register your SIM.


When you register, you can view itemized billing, you can top up or set up your automatic top up settings and log cases to the support desk.


We recommend you test all services before you travel and familiarise yourself with the features of your SIM.


Click here to see how you can contact the 24/7 Customer Support Team



WorldSIM has hundreds of roaming partners worldwide, this enables our customers to reduce their roaming charges significantly. We recommend you to always look at the WorldSim site to lookup the roaming partner network in the country you are travelling to.


Please make sure you manually select the correct partner network of that country (e.g. AT&T in USA, claro in Colombia, vodafone in the EU) so that you can benefit from the lowest rates that apply to that country/region.







We would like to recommend you to make use of WiFi when possible, as it will not consume your data credit. When WiFi is not available, you can switch automatically to your mobile data.


If you don’t need mobile data connection at the moment, please disable Data Roaming as many apps synchronize automatically in the background and will consume you credit unnecessary.


Also make sure to disable unneccesary apps that runs on cellular data instead of wi-fi to save your balance.


Opera Max / Opera Mini App

Download the award winning Opera Max app to reduce your data usage. Along with the data compression service, Opera Max lets you see what apps are using data and when. There are time stamps to show when apps use data so you know if something is borrowing your data connection when you’re not using it. There is also a web browser app Opera Mini, that also reduces your data usage.


Now you can be connected anywhere, anytime, when you want. And be a wise traveler.


Other Tips and Travel Apps

Please click here to see our selection of other Travel Apps and for tips how to reduce your data usage.

Have fun, enjoy your travel and your SIM!



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