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A must have for the wise traveller


As we travel nowadays- business or pleasure - one thing is certain: our need to connect with colleagues and business partners, chat with friends and family or even find a great spot to have dinner without having to worry about spending a fortune on cellphone bills. Yet, the costs of making and receiving calls, or data roaming abroad are enormous.
With our global prepaid simcard provided by WorldSIM - you or your business can enjoy savings of up to 95% on your international roaming calls and receive free incoming calls in EU, USA & 95+ countries.
Besides this, you have coverage in over 200 countries to browse data at low cost rates.
The service is easy to use; when travelling simply swap out your current mobile SIM card, replace it with our SIM and have a new consistent global number to use no matter what countries you travel to and from.




WorldSIM is the winner of the Business Travel Show Innovation Awards in the category of Best Traveller Services provider as well as the Gold Award for Innovation.


Our range of SIM cards are suitable for all devices and all of our SIMs are available in 3 sizes (standard, micro and nano). Our SIM cards work worldwide.


The sim is compatible with all unlocked devices, meaning not locked to one particular network. There are local providers / telecom shops that can help you unlock your device, if needed.


USA and UK number included as standard.


Add more numbers from 50+ countries.


Call Coverage in over 200 countries.


FREE incoming calls in EU, USA & 95+ countries.


Data browsing coverage in over 200 countries.


Works in all unlocked mobile phones.


Customer service 24 hours a day.


High quality and reliable network.


After coming back home, you can do call forward to your local Mobile /Land–line number, keeping you in touch with your International business partners.


No expiry of SIM, no expiry of credit.


Just insert our SIM into your mobile and start making and receiving calls, browse data.


Simply forward your existing number to your WorldSim number where you travel and you can be contacted as usual where ever you are without roaming fees.


Pay as you go. No contracts, No setup charges, No hassle.


Top up easily, anywhere and anytime using your mobile or the internet.


100% cost control through online report.


NO confusing tariffs and NO unexpected bills when you get home. You know exactly how much you are spending. Rates are divided into zones for simple and straight-forward pricing on Calls, SMS and Data.

How to buy?


If you live in the Dutch Caribbean, you can contact us and place your order. We will e-mail you an electronic invoice detailing your order, the amount due, and instructions on how to wire transfer your payment to our MCB bank account. 

Once we receive confirmation of your wire transfer payment, we will send your order to you / or contact you for pick up. 
You can also purchase your SIM with cash by contacting one of us.
We accept international credit card payments through Paypal. Simply add your product to the shopping cart below and pay secure via Paypal.

When we receive your payment, we will ship your order to anywhere in the world. Ensure that there is sufficient time for delivery to be made before you travel.



The award winning Travel SIM card can reduce your international roaming bills by as much as 95%. Get free international roaming in over 95 countries and ultra-low rates on calls, data and SMS wherever you are travelling to.


Buy this SIM for only 42 USD / 75 ANG.

Includes SIM + 23 USD Credit for calls, texts & data.






The Data SIM card enables you to access pay as you go internet at very low costs in 200 countries. Use it as an iPad SIM card, in any other tablet or in your laptop and reduce your data roaming charges by up to 95%.


Buy this SIM for only 42 USD / 75 ANG.

Includes SIM + 23 USD Credit for data.

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